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Imagine a vibrant city at the center of a 240,000 person region -- Greater Charlottesville -- alive with enterprise and academic pursuit, offering comfortable, small-town life and the dynamic diversity of much larger cities. In 2004, Greater Charlottesville was named "America's Best Place to Live" (Cities Ranked & Rated). From the energy of a bustling downtown to impressive mountain vistas, from a wide array of shopping to the excitement of ACC sports, Greater Charlottesville is captivating.

A Little Bit of History

For a moment, step back to the year 1744 and envision the founding of Albemarle County, nestled between the flatlands of the east coast and the peaks of the Blue Ridge Mountains. In 1761-62, Charlottesville, named after Queen Charlotte Sophia, wife of England's King George III, became the county seat and hub of activity. The town's pulse beat around the courthouse, which had a tavern and a dozen houses nearby. Later, stores, businesses, and inns were added around the courthouse to create a thriving city "square."

On April 13, 1743, Virginia surveyor and businessman Peter Jefferson and his wife Jane, gave us their son, and our area's great citizen, Thomas Jefferson. "Mr. Jefferson," as we refer to him, served in the House of Burgesses, as Governor of Virginia, authored the Declaration of Independence and Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom, served in President George Washington's Cabinet, served as Vice President of the United States, and from 1801-1809, served as the third President of the United States. All the while, he built and rebuilt his majestic home, "Monticello." After all these achievements, in his "retirement," Mr. Jefferson founded the University of Virginia. 

While Virginia is home to four of the founding first five American Presidents, three of them -- Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and James Monroe -- lived, worked and traversed Greater Charlottesville. Today hundreds of thousands of visitors from across America and around the world come here each year to visit and tour their respective homes, Monticello (Mr. Jefferson), Ashlawn-Highland (Mr. Monroe) in Albemarle County and nearby in Orange County, Montpelier (Mr. Madison).