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For more than a century, our Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce has served our member enterprises and our Greater Charlottesville communities. When Chamber member enterprises are thriving, other enterprises and our entire community benefit.


Why should a business be a member of the Chamber of Commerce?

A business should be a Chamber of Commerce member for two basic reasons:

* To help build your business; and,

* To help build your community.

It's a simple as that.  There is simply no better organization, no better business group, no better civic organization, with no better track record over nine decades than our Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce to help build your business and this community we call home.

To help build your business ...

Chamber membership gives a business, your business, the opportunity to make money -- directly and indirectly.  This Chamber Business Advantage offers each of our 1,200 Chamber member enterprises the broadest, business network available in our region -- each day, every day.

Our Chamber makes business referrals every day -- from restaurant, lodging and tourism referrals to banking, real estate and professional referrals, via our website -- cvillechamber.com -- or by the old-fashioned telephone and stop-in method.  We get calls from people in cars on cell phones looking for the Downtown Mall, Barracks Road and other destinations.  A dozen people a week call or stop by looking for rental information alone.

Our website -- cvillechamber.com -- attracts over 160,000 visitors annually; 13,500 visitors a month.  Those 13,500 monthly visitors result in over 80,000 visitor "views" of selected Chamber member listings each month.  Also, each month just about 4,000 of those visitors clicked through -- knocking on the web door -- of a specific Chamber member hot-link directly.  Some Chamber businesses like a staffing firm, hotel or restaurant can get as many Chamber web site click-throughs as Monticello!

Other Chamber Communications media -- including ChamberBits -- our weekly member electronic newsletter, Member Connections, etc. -- showcase our Chamber member enterprises to a regular readership of up to 4,000 area business and civic leaders while offering the best direct business advertising value in the region.

Our Chamber "a network of business opportunity" draws more than 4,000 people to our Chamber networking events -- more than 4,000 people talking, doing business with each other; good old commerce.  Where else does such a large-scale pool of business prospects to sell to, or buy from, exist?  Nowhere!  This is key element of our Chamber Business Advantage.

Our Chamber is constantly innovating, looking for new ways to promote our Chamber businesses.   One quick example is our Chamber Member-to-Member Discount program which generates regular sales activities for dozens of Chamber enterprises.

Chamber membership gives your business the opportunity to increase your business' and your employees' business skills advantage -- again, directly and indirectly.  This Chamber Business Advantage offers Chamber enterprises the opportunity to build business and workforce skills.

Annually more than 350 people gain specific business and workforce skills at a wide range of business workshops and forums held by our Chamber Councils & Round Tables.

Chamber membership brings to your business the ability to access our Chamber's Business Advocacy -- again, directly and indirectly.  This Chamber Business Advantage offers Chamber enterprises the opportunity to build understanding and support for business products, services and projects.  Our Chamber Board, our Government Affairs Committee, Chamber Councils, Chamber Round Tables and staff engage public policy decision-making, locally, in Richmond and beyond with our Chamber member interests in mind.  Chamber advocacy offers public decision-makers and citizens at large focused insight into the business and economic vitality aspects of public policy.

LC Business Luncheon


To help build your community ...

Our Chamber and Chamber members have led successful community building in our Greater Charlottesville communities for nine decades.  This Chamber Business Advantage -- gained through constructive Chamber leadership -- benefits all enterprise and the community at large in the true spirit of "asking what you can do for your country."  Building our community helps sustain and strengthen overall economic vitality.

Vibrant enterprise adds investment and jobs in our community while adding even more to the civic and charitable engines of our community.  The record is clear -- our Chamber, Chamber enterprises and Chamber leadership have helped organize, lead and sustain many key community organizations.  These signature Chamber community building initiatives include:

* United Way -- Thomas Jefferson Area;

* Charlottesville Albemarle Convention & Visitors Bureau;

* Piedmont Virginia Community College;

* Leadership Charlottesville;

* Central Virginia Partnership for Economic Development;

* Free Enterprise Forum;

* and various other councils and round tables.

The real power of Chamber enterprises of course is the people who make up those enterprises and in turn make up our Chamber.  Chamber business volunteers are readily distinguished as key business and civic leaders in our community.

Our Chamber Paul Goodloe McIntire Citizenship Award and our Chamber Hovey Dabney Award for Corporate Citizenship recipients set the gold standard for civic and corporate leadership -- a standard respected and emulated by Chamber citizens, enterprises and the community at large.

Since our founding in downtown Charlottesville in 1913, the Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce is "dedicated to representing private enterprise, promoting business and enhancing the quality of life in the Greater Charlottesville communities."  Now in our tenth decade of service, we are a dynamic, strong, innovative business alliance built for the 21st Century.

The Chamber is the region's premier -- broadest, influential, involved -- business and civic organization.  The Chamber is key to building a business and building a community -- two reasons for any enterprise to be a Chamber of Commerce member.