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Chamber Spotlight: Quinton Harrell, Heritage United Builders


Quinton Harrell is Founder of Heritage United Builders. He is also the Chairman of the Chamber Business Diversity Council.

What was your first job?

A newspaper route in my neighborhood for the Suffolk News Herald

What’s your go-to comfort food?

Sweet Potato Dumplings from A Taste of Home Southern Cuisine

What is unique about your organization and the work you do in our community?

All my work in all the organizations I'm affiliated with is towards creating value for the African American community and thereby, enabling the African American community to create more value for the greater community.

Why did you choose the Charlottesville area?

Visiting with friends on the weekends, I found the city much more laid back and less dangerous than the places in D.C. and Maryland that I dwelt. Charlottesville also had a certain magnetic mystique that I couldn't put my finger on back then; so I always called it my Scooby-Doo mystery town that I always looked forward to visiting. After continued visits, I soon identified a niche market needing to be filled in young, urban life-style clothing.

What’s your favorite local activity for out-of-town guests?

Treating them to Donuts and Wine Slushies at Carter's Mountain... and then lots of water!

What’s most important for the future of our regional business community?

A revamping of the City and County's revenue-sharing deal. The expansion of the economic pie through development of more high-growth businesses owned by African Americans and other people of color.

What were you like in high school?

The coolest nerd in the joint!

What's the best advice you ever got (or gave)?

I got... "The more you give the more you gain...," "Be willing to do what the other guy's not willing to do," "Know where you're going before you get someone to go with you".

I gave... "Choose a mate based on corresponding value systems" and "when you lose a loved one to death, remember that's the small print on the contract of life."

Who are you grateful to, and why?

I'm grateful to my Heavenly Father; He's protected me through a multitude of dangerous situations.

I'm grateful to my earthly Mother; Her mother ordered her to have an abortion and she defied the order, got put out the house, and subsequently brought me into the world.