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Chamber Awards

Chamber Business Leader of the Year Award

Recognizes outstanding citizen contributions to our Greater Charlottesville communities.

2022 Business Leader of the Year: Kara Chandeysson, Ting

Award criteria:

  • Has given of his or her time freely to community and civic affairs
  • Has contributed significantly to the direction and success of our Greater Charlottesville region through sound business or professional practice
  • Has inspired others through his or her actions
  • Lives or lived in the Greater Charlottesville region

NEW! Upstanding Award

Recognizes a business or organization that successfully demonstrates one or more best practices in responsible business, as defined by the US Business Roundtable in 2019 as follows: We will deliver value to our customers; invest in our employees; deal fairly and ethically with our suppliers; support the communities in which we work; and generate long-term value for our shareholders.

2022 Upstanding Award: Van der Linde Recycling

Award criteria:

  • Is a member organization of any size in good standing with the Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • Excels in disciplines such as corporate social responsibility, sustainability practices, DEI initiatives, volunteerism and/or other forward-looking approaches to achieving business success

Christopher Lee Small Business Person of the Year Award

Recognizes an outstanding business owner who has made a significant contribution to the success of their business and our Greater Charlottesville communities.

2022 Christopher Lee Small Business Person of the Year: Eddie Karoliussen, Four Corners Real Estate Solutions

Award criteria:

  • Is an active owner or co-owner of a Charlottesville area business with 50 or fewer employees
  • Is a member in good standing of the Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • Has been in business for three years or longer

John F. Bell Sr. Vanguard Award

Vanguard Z IG

Recognizes an outstanding minority business person or individual who promotes diversity, equity and inclusion within the business community in our Greater Charlottesville area.

Award criteria:

  • displays high business and personal integrity
  • is located within the Greater Charlottesville area
  • makes significant contributions in the area of business diversity
  • understands the importance of community service and is civically engaged
  • mentors others to develop business leaders who will contribute to diversity in business