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Chamber Awards

John F. Bell Sr. Vanguard Award

CIC Vanguard 2021

Recognizes an outstanding business person or individual who promotes diversity within the business community in our Greater Charlottesville area.

Award criteria:

  • displays high business and personal integrity
  • is located within the Greater Charlottesville area
  • makes significant contributions in the area of business diversity
  • understands the importance of community service and is civically engaged
  • mentors others to develop business leaders who will contribute to diversity in business

Chamber Business Leader of the Year Award

Liza Borches IG

Recognizes outstanding citizen contributions to our Greater Charlottesville communities.

Award criteria:

  • Has given of his or her time freely to community and civic affairs
  • Has contributed significantly to the direction and success of our Greater Charlottesville region through sound business or professional practice
  • Has inspired others through his or her actions
  • Lives or lived in the Greater Charlottesville region

Christopher Lee Small Business Person of the Year Award

Sober Javier IG

Recognizes an outstanding business owner who has made a significant contribution to the success of their business and our Greater Charlottesville communities.

Award criteria:

  • Is an active owner or co-owner of a Charlottesville area business with 50 or fewer employees
  • Is a member in good standing of the Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • Has been in business for three years or longer

The Chamber's 2020 Rebound Ball awards recognized the determination, innovation and collaborative spirit that carry our community through challenging times. Click here to watch the inspiring stories our award recipients shared at the 2020 Rebound Ball.

Why the basketball theme? Because Project Rebound was inspired by a quote from UVA Men's Basketball Coach Tony Bennett, after his team won the 2019 national championship: “If you learn to use it right – the adversity – it will buy you a ticket to a place you could not have gone any other way.”

Alley-Oop Award

Alley-Oop IG

Recognizes a person or business who has been instrumental in assisting other businesses during COVID-19.

Award criteria:

  • Lives and/or works in the Greater Charlottesville region
  • Has demonstrated a sustained interest in the wellbeing of businesses other than their own
  • Has actively engaged in efforts to help the business community recover from COVID-related issues
  • Is regarded as a team player in times of crisis

Pivot Award

Pivot Awards IG

Recognizes a company that has reimagined its products, services or market successfully as a result of COVID-19.

Award criteria:

  • Is located in the Greater Charlottesville region
  • Has adapted its products and/or services in some way to adapt to a changing market
  • Has developed promising new consumer opportunities during COVID
  • Has identified solutions to new challenges, either internally or externally