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Chamber Spotlight: Jonathan Davis, Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital

Jonathan Davis (2)

Jonathan Davis is President of Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital. He is also a member of the Chamber Board of Directors.

What was your first job?

I worked at a library during the year and was a lifeguard at a water park in the summer. I've always enjoyed helping people.

What is unique about your organization and the work you do in our community?

The family feel of Sentara Martha Jefferson is so special to me. As a family we share all emotions of life together caring for our patients and community. I've worked in many hospitals, some larger and smaller and I'm most proud of our tradition of caring for everyone who walks through our doors. What makes us special is that our patient care outcomes have been and continue to be exceptional.

What’s most important for the future of our regional business community?

Developing, attracting and retaining a talented workforce is most important to the future of our regional business community. This requires many diverse partnerships across the region for the common good of our community.

What's the best advice you ever got (or gave)?

I was given and give this advice: Be your best in everything you do. Regardless of the job or task, be your very best. Leave nothing to regret. Those giving their best will be given many opportunities by others.

How did you choose the field you’re in?

I started in healthcare taking care of patients as an employee in a department of a hospital. As a caregiver I was proud and honored to get to know so many great people with rich histories and wonderful experiences. Listening and learning about those experiences connected me to people in a special way. I gave my best and the advice I was always given worked out well for me. I started many patient care programs and was fortunate to be given many opportunities.

Who are you grateful to, and why?

I'm grateful for my family. As an only child I never imaged the joy of having three children. The excitement and learning as a father and husband is an amazing journey. I think about my role as a father and husband every day and I'm so grateful.

We thank Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital for supporting the Chamber through our Partners in Trust program.