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Getting Ready for a Washington Fly-In

R. E. Lee Companies workers on the job site
R. E. Lee Companies workers on the job site

Chamber President Elizabeth Cromwell and board member Arlene Lee of R. E. Lee Companies will join Business Leaders United on the Hill for a November visit to Capitol Hill.

The group's aim is to engage with key national policymakers on skill and training issues and to elevate the innovative, collaborative solutions industry leaders are implementing at the local level.

Bottom line, they want our federal government to be more focused on skills training for American workers.

Arlene Lee, CEO of R. E. Lee Companies

As CEO of a Charlottesville construction company that's been here for four generations, Arlene is an excellent resource on what it takes to train young people for successful careers. R. E. Lee Companies and its five subsidiaries provide the full life cycle of building services. Arlene is one of the Chamber's Partners in Trust and is also very active in VACEOS.

Do you have ideas you'd like Elizabeth and Arlene to convey to our elected representatives? Send your thoughts on federal policy for skills training and workforce development to