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Website Content and Landing Pages: Improving Quality for SEO and SEM

Member Monday: Website Content and Landing Pages: Improving Quality for SEO and SEM
James Burton, President, Gig Strategic
May 4, 2020

May the Fourth be with you! James started with a refresher on what SEO and SEM are all about:

  • SEO = Search Engine Optimization, i.e. improving your ranking on Google and other search engines (natural/organic search). Factors that affect your ranking can include the content, user experience, and technical optimizations on your site, as well as the quality and number of off-site links.
  • SEM = Search Engine Marketing (paid search or pay-per-click/PPC), i.e. paying to display text ads related to keyword searches. Factors include what keywords you choose, the amount of your bid, targeting, ad type, copy, and more.

The essential message is that good content grows your traffic and improves your SEO and SEM. But what is good content?

  • Relevant - think like your customers. Engage your best customers and ask what content is valuable to them.
  • On-message - think about your brand promise, and make sure your website content stays true to your brand.
  • Focused - try to keep each page or post to a single topic. This helps search engines identify your topic and assign a high score for relevant keywords.
  • Organized - make sure your menus, navigation, and internal links are well-planned and easy to follow.

Bottom line, it's not about "beating an algorithm" to get better search ranking and ad results. It's about creating content that's relevant and useful for our customers.

Watch the video for more tips and explanations. If you'd like to work with James to improve your online presence, you can reach him at or 434.288.3020.

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