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Chamber Spotlight: Tanashia Washington, Woodard Properties

Tanashia Washington

Tanashia Washington is Director of Commercial Leasing for Woodard Properties. You can reach her at

What does your organization do?
Woodard Properties owns several properties and vacant land for future development – multi-family, mixed-use, and commercial. With the continued growth of Charlottesville, Woodard Properties will continue to strive to provide pleasant environments for residents and businesses to call home.

What was your first job?
Fast-food Industry

How did you choose the field you're in?
After being a stay at home mom for many years, I wanted to try something different, and Woodard Properties was willing to give me a chance.

What is unique about your organization and the work you do in our community?
Woodard Properties has supported numerous local organizations by providing space for the Charlottesville Community Design Center, UVA dance clubs, a police sub-station, and others. Woodard Properties provides financial, hands-on, and in-kind support for a variety of non-profit organizations related to educational, cultural, social, housing, and others.

What is something about you that most people don't know?
I am currently writing a book about my life testimony and how I have overcome many challenges.

What's your favorite local activity or place to go?
I enjoy exploring different places to eat.

Why did you choose the Charlottesville area?
I was born and raised in the city of Charlottesville.

Who do you admire in our business community?
I admire all of the local business in our community that have found creative ways to stay afloat during this unexpected world pandemic.

What do you believe is most important for the future of our region?
I think we need to focus on shopping locally and supporting small and minority businesses.

What do you hope to be doing 10 years from now?
10 years from now I hope to be a successful Real Estate Broker and Author.

Who do you cheer for, and why?
I cheer for everyone who wakes up daily determined to make a difference in their day. A positive attitude brings forth positive results.

What's the best advice you ever got (or gave)?
I like to encourage people to Keep going, Keep believing, and Keep praying. Your story is not finished yet.

What do you like about being a Chamber member?
I enjoy the networking opportunities, resources and connections that I am able to make throughout the community,

We thank Woodard Properties for supporting the Chamber through our Partners in Trust program.