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CADRe – Cville Plans Together

CADRe land use framework

Charlottesville Area Development Roundtable (CADRe) March 15, 2021 - Future Land Use Framework

Consultants for the City of Charlottesville's multi-year planning process, Cville Plans Together, met with CADRe to discuss land use recommendations for density, employment centers, transit, affordable housing, public spaces and more.

The presentation included a thorough overview of historical and current land use, a review of previous and current planning efforts, and an in-depth look at the draft Land Use Framework that will inform the Future Land Use Map.

According to the presentation:

"The Future Land Use Map is a key component of the Land Use, Urban Design, and Historic Preservation chapter of the Comprehensive Plan.

Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map is:

  • A tool to describe the Plan’s long-term (20-30 year) vision for location and character of
    development in the city
  • A guide (not requirement) for development – it can be used when evaluating development
    proposals, but it is not legally mandatory

Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map is not:

  • An update to the Zoning Ordinance (that process will follow the adoption of the
    Comprehensive Plan) − Zoning presents requirements that are mandatory, unless waived"

The Cville Plans Together YouTube Channel has other recorded meetings available as well.

Email the consultant team with input at:

(The consultant team is led by Rhodeside Harwell (RHI). Other team members include Brick & Story (leading community engagement), HR&A Advisors (leading the Affordable Housing Plan), and Code Studio (leading the re-write of the zoning ordinance – the final step in this process).)

Ashley Davies represents CADRe on the Cville Plans Together steering committee. You can also reach out to her with questions or comments via email.