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Public Policy – Local Land Use & CADRe

Public Policy Committee May 4, 2021 - Local Land Use & CADRe

Ashley Davies, chair of the Charlottesville Area Development Roundtable (CADRe) and vice president at Riverbend Development, shared an update on CADRe's recent work with the City of Charlottesville and the Charlottesville Comprehensive Plan.

Ashley shared the following information on behalf of Cville Plans Together.

Available Now: Draft Future Land Use Map and Chapter Updates

Through May 31, we invite you to participate in the third community review period for Cville Plans Together, to provide input on draft materials including updates to Comprehensive Plan chapters and the proposed Future Land Use Map.

Please visit the Cville Plans Together website to view all materials. These include:

  • Draft updates to the topic-specific chapters of the Comprehensive Plan
  • A draft Future Land Use Map

After you have reviewed the materials, there are several ways to provide your input:

  • Attend an upcoming webinar or pop-up event
  • Complete the comment form
  • Submit comments on the interactive Future Land Use Map
  • Send comments via email to
  • Call the toll-free phone line and leave a message with your comments (833-752-6428)

The Future Land Use Map

The Future Land Use Map is an important part of the Comprehensive Plan Update. It provides a general vision for the future of land use in Charlottesville. In some cases, these uses may be similar to what they are today. In other cases, the Map may show potential future changes.

On its own, the land use map cannot fully address Comprehensive Plan goals related to affordability, mitigation of displacement, environmental protection, historic preservation, and others. It must be paired with other policies, requirements, incentives, subsidies, and other implementation supports - many of which are included in the chapters of the Comprehensive Plan.

In addition, the Future Land Use Map is not the same as zoning, which regulates the specifics about how each parcel can develop. Once the Future Land Use Map is finalized, we will be working with the community on a zoning rewrite to determine appropriate development regulations based on the final updated Future Land Use Map, Comprehensive Plan goals and strategies, and existing parcel context and characteristics. The maximum potential development intensities listed for each land use category will likely not apply to all parcels shown in each category; it will depend on parcel characteristics and context.

The website contains an FAQ with some responses to common questions about the Comprehensive Plan and Future Land Use Map. We will add to this list as other common questions arise.