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DAC: Russia’s Assault on Ukraine

Defense Affairs Committee (DAC) October 27, 2022 – Russia's Assault on Ukraine: Why Should We Care?

UVA Professor John M. Owen IV discussed six reasons why we should be concerned about the consequences and significance of Russia's invasion:

  • Humanitarian crises
  • Energy prices
  • Direct U.S. involvement?
  • Would Putin go nuclear?
  • China and Taiwan
  • A new cold war?

Click here to see the presentation slides (PDF)

John M. Owen IV is Taylor Professor of Politics at UVA and Senior Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Studies in Culture and the Miller Center for Public Affairs. He holds an AB from Duke University, an MPA from Princeton and his PhD from Harvard. He has held numerous fellowships or visiting positions at Harvard, Stanford, Princeton and Oxford among many others. His publications are too numerous to even begin listing! He is a member of the Editorial Board of International Security and is considered an expert on war, regime change and international security.