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STEM Opportunity for Local Students

Hi, my name is Shrey - I’m a Junior and a leading member of the STEM club BACON (Best All-around Club Of Nerds) at Charlottesville High School.

BACON is a STEM-focused club with two primary focuses: first, to provide a space for students to explore their curiosity about science and engineering outside of the classroom; and second, to make STEM more accessible to the Charlottesville City Schools community.

This year, BACON is taking their bi-annual trip to CERN in Switzerland. Cern is home to the world's largest particle physics laboratory and is a leader in nuclear research. This trip will be a life-changing experience for all students, no matter their background, and it will open new doorways for our club’s aspiring engineers and scientists.

In previous years, BACON has raised funds for the trip to drive down the price for all students equally. This has left less fortunate students unable to afford this opportunity. Since we are completely separate from the Charlottesville City Schools system, we are fully funded by generous companies and families. Currently, we are fundraising to cover the costs of our trip, allowing all students, no matter their financial background, to travel with the club to Europe! Our goal is to create a strong scholarship fund for students wanting to travel to CERN this year and the years to follow. We will have custom printed CERN t-shirts with your logo printed on it, and we will also give you multiple shoutouts through all of BACON’s social media pages. All donations are tax-deductible and are greatly appreciated.

We greatly appreciate your time and consideration, and we look forward to hearing from you. You can find us on Instagram at chsbacon or find us by googling “BACON at Charlottesville High School.”

Thank you again for your consideration of our request.

You can reach out to me with any questions and opportunities through email -