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Pete’s Pick-Up Ribbon Cutting

Pete's Pick-Up is here to responsibly reuse or recycle your large items!

As seasoned hauling and recycling industry veterans, their parent company, van der Linde Recycling, decided to expand and diversify its recycling and recovery efforts in 2022. They did this by adding mattress and box spring recycling to their operation. They were excited when the phone started ringing but soon discovered that many would-be customers could not transport mattresses to the facility. After multiple calls asking for pick-up, van der Linde Recycling knew they had to bridge this gap. It was then that Pete’s Pick-Up was born.

Pete's Pick-Up provides affordable pick-up with a purpose. They pick-up your unwanted mattresses, box springs, furniture, and more, and haul it away to van der Linde Recycling. They also partner with numerous charities and social service organizations to ensure that reusable furniture goes to those in need through the Pete's Pick-Up Furniture Bank.