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Active Listening with Cville SHRM

SHRM July 2023

July 25, 2023

The average person may spend 30% of our waking hours listening, yet less than 2% of us have ever been trained HOW to listen effectively. Courtney Valladares, SHRM-CP, shared how to become a better listener in our personal and professional lives.

The goal of communication is shared meaning – but all too often, we miss the message. Active listening means listening with focus and intention. With practice, we can learn to overcome the common barriers that cause miscommunications.


  • Lay the groundwork - Create an environment that minimizes distractions.
  • Investigate - Find out what the conversation will be about, so you're not distracted by surprise.
  • Scribble - Taking notes can help you stay focused and remember important details.
  • Think - Think about the non-verbal messages during a conversation as well.
  • Express in your own words - Repeat the message back to the speaker to check your understanding.
  • No talking - After the speaker has finished, take a moment to consider before you respond.

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