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Blueprint for Economic Resiliency and Reinvention in the Greater Charlottesville Region

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The Project Rebound Blueprint report, released on June 25, 2020, pulls together initial input from more than 300 local participants. It maps out action steps toward economic recovery in our area, and it's meant as a starting point for conversation and collaboration.

The need to rebuild consumer, business and workforce confidence was an important theme of local conversations. Participants identified health & safety concerns, an uncertain business environment, and confusion over guidelines as some of the confidence barriers to economic recovery.

To build a truly inclusive recovery, this conversation needs to expand beyond the initial group of participants from the business community.

Can you help?

Project Rebound will convene further conversations to help determine next steps, foster collaboration, and bring attention to solutions already underway. We hope you'll join us!

Primary Near-Term Opportunities

The Blueprint identifies six priority areas for immediate action to bolster confidence and boost the economy, while appropriately reflecting current public health realities:

(1) authoritative safety protocols
(2) trustworthy information sharing and ways to access resources
(3) facilitating access to testing
(4) working with government on emergency policies
(5) continued inclusive conversation
(6) a buy-local initiative

Please see pages 26-27 of the Blueprint (pictured below) for more details about these high-priority opportunities.

Blueprint top opportunities

Share Your Ideas

Help us meet the diverse needs of our community by sharing your ideas, suggestions and concerns with Project Rebound. Thanks for contributing!